Have you ever wondered why speech and music sound better on the radio? For the last five decades, radio networks around the world have enhanced their sound using sophisticated audio processing products. Audyllic leverages Orban 'Optimod' audio processing technology, (which is one of the most popular and highly regarded audio processing systems in the world), and allows you to process your WAV files up to 6 x faster than real time! To ensure sustained listen-ability, it controls the dynamic range and spectral balance to make it easier and more pleasant to listen to, as well as making the audio more intelligible, especially in environments with background noise. It will control sudden changes in volume without the commonly heard artifacts such as 'pumping' and 'breathing' that are found with less sophisticated dynamic range control systems or programs, and it also takes care of sibilance and excessive stridency.

How to use

For best results do not compress or limit your audio file before using Audyllic, (normalising to -23LUFS is ok though) 1. Register a user account using an email, password and a phone number.. 2. Your user name will be your the email you registered with. You can now log in with your registered username and password. 3. 1 credit is required for each MB processed (1 minute = approx 10MB in stereo) 4. 1000 credits will be automatically allocated to your account when you first register. 5. Once logged in, select a preset from the drop down menu. browse for a WAV file on your local computer, and click 'upload', Formats accepted are 16 bit or 24 bit linear PCM WAV files at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192 kHz (not floating 32 bit) 6. On the dashboard you will see an orange message showing the file has been successfully uploaded, and processing is underway. 7. Once the file is complete a blue message will appear on the dashboard. (No need to stay on the page or website once file is processing) 8. To download the processed file, got to the 'Audio Files' page' and click on the file with the suffix"_out". 9. The file will download in your browser in the same way other files normally do, (depending on your browser settings). *A red message will appear on the dashboard if you have insufficient credit, you can buy more credits at the top of the page via our Stripe portal - €1 per 100 credits in multiples of 100, 500, 1000 & 5000 When complete, you can click on the processed file to download back to your local computer. (The processed file will have the suffix 'out' appended to the filename.) The time taken to process a file is approximately 6x faster than real-time. (e.g. 1/2 hour of audio takes approx 5 minutes). Your feedback and suggestions is most welcome to